Practical Magick

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Hair- .Olive. the Sabrina Hair
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outfit- [ZEX] Grace OUTFIT – Hat/Jewelry Set/Dress/Heels (SWANK MAY EVENT)

[ZEX] Cori dress - Gala AD

Nails- *Merlific* Missy Nails Vista/Maitreya Bento Hand
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[Park Place] Books Wall Decor (SWANK MAY EVENT)
[Park Place] Green Floor Plant (SWANK MAY EVENT)
[Park Place] Lexington Coffee Table with Books (SWANK MAY EVENT)
[Park Place] Lexington Desk Set (SWANK MAY EVENT)
[Park Place] Lexington Round Accent Table with Flowers (SWANK MAY EVENT)
[Park Place] Spring Chintz Large Ottoman (SWANK MAY EVENT)
[Park Place] Spring Faux Window (SWANK MAY EVENT)
[Park Place] Spring Plush Area Rug (SWANK MAY EVENT)
[Park Place] Spring Wall Frames (SWANK MAY EVENT)

Park Place Flickr-

*HEXtraordinary* Brass Flying Monkey Cauldron
*HEXtraordinary* Flying Monkey Crystal Ball – Gold
*HEXtraordinary* Flying Monkey Incense Burner – Gold
*HEXtraordinary* Sleeping Baby Pixie

Teleport Location for Hextraordinary-
*pm* 7 Day Prayer Candle – Curse & Protect Set- Candle used- Reversing

Esmeree Wrap poster_SM

for real life 7 day prayer candles here’s some links

Velika Rituals – Love Spell charm
Violetility – Research Props (Spells)
Gray Book of Shadows (Mesh Version)

JIAN Pudgy Persians *SOI* Grubbin’ Cat
JIAN Pudgy Persians 1. Adult Companion RARE

Teleport Link to SWANK EVENT-

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